Jasmine Crowe - Breaking Things - (Sponsored Artist)

Jasmine Crowe - Breaking Things - (Sponsored Artist)


An artist’s appearance may be important, and showmanship may be critical, and instrumental talent may be indispensable. But real music fans know –songwriting is the lifeblood of the industry. Without great songs, the world doesn’t turn. That’s a lesson that Jasmine Crowe has internalized. The Hawaii native is far more than just a pretty face. An irresistible force at international songwriting competitions winning the UK Songwriting Contest two years in a row, she's also a multi-instrumentalist equally skilled at piano, guitar, and violin. Crowe possesses a powerful, radio-ready voice, a knack for smart pop storytelling, and a sharp ear for a hook that she’s put to work in her independent production. Yet she knows that none of that matters in the absence of great songs, so she’s made sure to write plenty of them.

"Breaking Things” is the latest and fieriest song from the breakout songstress, taking the pop category in the 2017 John Lennon Songwriting Contest as the grand prize winner in the competition. Here Jasmine pairs a passionate vocal with an emotionally forthright lyric and a compulsively danceable beat. This is a song of desperation and dangerous attraction, a warning and grown-up bit of frank talk, a summer storm, a club-floor burner. Her debut music video for “Breaking Things” underscores the urbane ferocity of Crowe’s lyrics and the real sense of peril that the song generates. The camera catches the singer in a desolate stretch of desert: we watch her walk barefoot over the scrub and sand, and catch her in moments of reflection in a motel room on an empty highway. Her mascara is smudged from crying, her posture is pleading, her pain is palpable. And why? Because of a man who has torn up her life, and who she can’t seem to quit. As she always does, Crowe brings the narrator’s predicament to life in vivid color and bold sound. It’s a writer’s gift, a rare talent, and one she’s just beginning to share with audiences. With a must-see music video and a voice that soars, Jasmine Crowe is an up and coming songstress and artist that's impossible not to root for.

Watch her debut music video now on VEVO.

BREAKING THINGS Music Video - http://bit.ly/JasmineCroweVEVO
Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/artist/2WdBUkDPfsMuDYhvrHesLs?si=WELWxUSJR9yPBMI6dN02Ag