Mauno 'Take Care' - Featured Artist

Mauno 'Take Care' - Featured Artist

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Encapsulated in colourful circles, Nick Everett and Eliza Niemi don matching royal blue jumpsuits as they're prepped for delivery. Eerily gloved hands extend from just out of frame to slap price tags on the duo before swaddling their limbs with bubble wrap and covering them in packaging peanuts. Directed by Max Taeuschel ( and filmed in Montreal, the oddly jarring yet aesthetically pleasing visuals perfectly accompany Niemi's delicately sturdy vocals.

Mauno's new album Really Well collapses the personal and the professional. Musically, it is non-linear, jutting from the twisted, plucky indie-skiffle of the opener "Really, Really" to the charged post-punk march of "Half It", to the spring-reverb-tweaked riffing of "Reeling II", to the dreamy, sidestepping guitar pop of "Expectations", to the gorgeous, macabre slow-jam of "Vampire". Really Well is an expansive, exploratory album and lyrically captures Mauno's preoccupations with the nature of creative labor, relationships, and the self under capitalism. The album is out August 2nd.

"“Take Care” is a play on words — it’s about caregiving as a woman, and also about saying goodbye. It is about filling the role of taking care of someone and self-identifying through that, while simultaneously resenting the expectation of having to do so. The chorus begins hinting at waiting for a relationship to finally feel reciprocal, and ends with the reveal of me actually waiting for it to fall apart / knowing all along that it was doomed." - Eliza Niemi

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