Sam Louis - This Love - Feature Artist

Sam Louis - This Love - Feature Artist

This Love” talks about holding on to what you got if you believe in it. Even if it keeps breaking you down, keep fighting for it, because that love is all we got.

My new single was inspired by a past relationship that was inconsistent and broken. It’s almost a cry for help; even though the relationship is constantly falling apart, the one thing that remains is the subconscious love they both share.

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"This Love" was produced by Los Angeles-based producer Shayan Amiri. Working alongside him was daunting yet inspirational. He kept wanting to push me outside of my comfort zone – taking me to a more emotional and vulnerable place than my previous tracks. After working on this one idea for more than half of the session, about three hours in, Shayan changed the key of the song for the better. I scrapped every melody and lyrical idea that I had. I went into the vocal booth to sing, and the lyrics and melody for "This Love" poured out of me.

This song goes out to the leftover lovers, the broken heros of a relationship.

The ones who keep fighting for not only their person, but for themselves.

"This Love" is about recognizing the beauty and rarity of love, and realizing its value.

Thank you for listening. Stay tuned – more new music is on its way.