"Breeze" - Nightshifts Music - Feature Artist

"Breeze" -  Nightshifts Music - Feature Artist

Breeze” is the first single from my upcoming Window Weather EP. I enlisted my friend and collaborator Chewey (Jack McGuiness) to produce the incredible trap drum sounds and add to the psychedelic textures of what began as a demo recorded in my Toronto studio. What began as emailing files back and forth across the country culminated in a day spent finishing the track together out west.

On a surface level, I’ll be thrilled if you dig the groove and the vibe of “Breeze.” If you can connect and relate to the lyrics – to the feeling of being caught in an anxious cycle – that would be even cooler for me. Ideally, “Breeze”  will help you feel like you are not alone in these feelings. 

Thank you so much for listening! I have a ton of music saved up in the tank with plans to continue releasing a steady stream of tunes.